Our studio has always had a "shop-type" approach fairly in contrast with the work executed by our colleagues.

Our studio has never been clean, neither aseptic as those that you see on magazines. During my early years of activity (late '90s), this condition was making feel uneasy, it seemed to work in a craft shop rather than an industrial design studio. So much so that I did everything I could to move our design platform - or at least part of it – on digital support, introducing the use of computers and 3D modelling. Only a few years later I realised that such “diversity” could represent a great advantage for our activity. Today, I believe that we achieved the perfect balance between "abstract" design and tangible experimentation.

Our studio mainly consists of three spacious rooms: the computer room, the boardroom and the laboratory featuring equipment and tools. Almost always, the first graphic and digital elaboration phase is followed by the three-dimensional check through the use of more or less defined scale mock-ups and full-size mock-ups often executed with simple materials such as cardboard or polystyrene. Final aesthetic prototypes to present to the customer are created only afterwards. Most of the times, we try to reproduce and then evaluate certain key aesthetic/functional details for the design phase. Our design approach has always reflected the above principles, our staff has never exceeded six employees, and we never handled more than six or seven projects at a time. Proper attention and time must be allocated to each project. 

The care we reserve in the development of shapes, mock-ups, prototypes always embodied a handicraft touch and we try not to leave anything to chance, following every design aspect until final production. We also intend to establish close relations, therefore we have always preferred to work with emerging companies and new brands, which are certainly less dispersive, more dynamic and motivated realities, where dialogue is possible, where you can grow together and at the end, where you can gain more satisfactions.

This may sound as the myth of "the fox and the grapes", but I assure you that it is not as it seems. Most of our customers boast high turnovers despite sometimes, lacking a level of visibility not in line with the work performed. In these cases we play a key role and our projects become an important medium to assert companies and distinguish them on the market. In other cases, enterprises operating for decades on the B2B market decide to conceive their own design brand and elaborate their own new product catalogue. Also in this case, our task is as important as rewarding because we realise the key role of the design in the success of the operation.