TRUE - 2019

A new, unusual and hybrid object. A seat that is halfway between the stool, the bench and the wall in which we lean instinctively and informally while chatting, on the phone as well as face-to-face.

E-quo has a very small seat at a height of about 60 cm and is therefore designed for temporary rest in a semi-upright position.

The idea is to bring into the work environment what you usually do in the open air when you "lean" against a wall to make a phone call, take notes or surf the web.

E-quo is indeed the result of subtraction: a seat, a place of work reduced to a minimum, only the essential to be able to carry out our activities, because often the excess of superstructures represents a useless constraint to human action.

The design intervention was aimed precisely to make the object more attractive, comfortable and functional without betraying its minimalist soul.

E-quo is also a place of freedom, a place to occupy in a conscious and instinctive way because it allows total independence of interpretation and occupation of the object: sitting, crouching, leaning, standing, riding or walking around waiting for the phone to charge. Anything is possible, anything is allowed. Even working, writing, eating, playing on the work top.


Good Design Award 2020