LAMM - 2019

It would be reductive to speak of a simple "bench" for the new E2000 Lamm, the more correct definition could be "Banco System"

Many years have passed and the panorama of university benches has evolved a lot; the commercial cases to which they have to adapt have increased considerably. Hence the need to study a product that can be declined in a vast series of variants without the need for unforeseen interventions, therefore expensive, as they are extraordinary. Thus remaining in a competitive price range.

The great flexibility of E2000 must be understood not only on the functional and performance level, but also on the aesthetic one of the finishes and materials that can change precisely by virtue of the structural and morphological conformation of the project. The various elements that make up the system are in fact interchangeable and individually declinable as regards materials and finishes (wood, painted sheet metal, padding, ...)

For example, we have decided to divide the backrest into three elements, this allows us to obtain different heights that can adapt to the different dimensions of the steps, and also allows us to play with the finishes without any type of constraint; creating new and original solutions every time, also playing with chromatic and material contrasts (wood / upholstered, wood / sheet metal, sheet metal / upholstered, laminated / upholstered, ...)

This type of flexibility in the finishes obviously also reflects on the costs of the product, so that more or less expensive aesthetic solutions can be obtained according to the needs.

It can be said without a doubt that the E 2000 offers the widest performance range currently available on the market.